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Doris Lovadina-Lee -Textile Artist

My name is Doris Lovadina-Lee and I am a textile artist. I love, love to create with colour. My passion is to hand dye scarves and other natural textiles using snow found in my backyard.

It wasn’t until I took a class with a friend that I realized the long thin sample strips drying on the line resembled scarves. Reading a few blog posts on dyeing with ice sparked the idea of doing the same with snow. After all, Canada receives a lot of it and it doesn’t require making tray after tray of ice cubes.
In my process I only use natural fibres with wonderfully colourful results. Each fibre absorbs the dye at a different rate and each shibori technique results in a unique design. So, every time I snow dye it’s an experiment. Unfolding, untwisting or unwinding every bundle after the snow has melted is part nervousness and part excitement. I really never know what the scarf will look like!

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