New Snow Dyed Scarves 2023

People Look at me with very puzzled expressions when I tell them I dye with snow. Living in Canada where it seems half of the year we have winter. Why not take advantage of snowfalls.  After all, snow is just water in a different form!

What I love about creating scarves and other textiles in this way is the unpredictability. Dyes merge to become colours and patterns that are so unique. Impossible to recreate or create other than in this technique.

Snow on bushes
cotton peach and tiger stripe scarf on snow

I use traditional Japanese shibori techniques of folding, and twisting the textile. I decide on the number and colour of the dyes I will use. Usually more than one item will be placed in a perforated plastic basket. Yet, neither scarf will look the same. Similar in colour but not identical. This would be impossible.

Each time I unfold, unwrap a scarf or fabric I am surprised. Sometimes the combination of colours are unexpected, or the patterning is more complex.

Certainly each one is the best and my most favourite!

purple and grape crinkle scarf on snow
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